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argentina beaches

Are you planning for a trip to Argentina but not sure of the things to try out there? May be you are wondering whether you get enough sea beaches to explore out there. Summer in Argentina is something that you are going to remember all your life!

While most locals are preoccupied holidaying in the countryside, you get the perfect scope to enjoy the almost deserted city. But with the rise of temperatures, the main cities get oppressively hot and you can’t help but look for the best of Argentina beaches to cool down your body and spirit. 

Argentina offers a broad range of beaches and you can explore them all towards the eastern zone along the Atlantic coast. No matter whether you enjoy a boutique spa or highly urbanized resorts or wild and untainted stretches of beaches, Argentina has something for all. Let’s check out some of the best of Argentina beaches which makes a great choice for a family getaway or private delights. 

Playa Parana, Chubut

Though this port city’s main attraction is the Valdes Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place also offers quaint beaches. You can see a beautiful area of powdery white sand that transforms into a seaweed bed with the onset of low tide. Puerto Madryn offers a remarkable sea base if you wish to explore the surrounding places along the coastline.

 If you can manage to visit the place somewhere between the month of May and November, you could enjoy your time with the highly sought-after southern-right whales. Other activities to keep you busy out here are kayaking, SUP, and snorkeling. 

Carilo, Buenos Aires

Located at a few miles from the town of Pinamar, Carilo is one of the best of Argentina beaches that attracts tourists who look for a quiet spot to relax with their loved ones. When you visit this humble town of dainty gardens and fancy buildings, you are definite to be surprised by the whopping number of cars parked on the beach only. Though this creates a paradox in itself, Carilo beach is among the top choices of VIPs around the globe looking for some time away from the spotlight. 

Villa Gesell

This is a comparatively crowded place where you can see a lot of hawkers and vendors selling everything from authentic headgears to sunglasses and ice cream. Every year, students and families come here for enjoying the beaches and the local campsites. The Sandy beach is lined up by the wooden boardwalk which becomes muddy when there is low tide. If you are looking for a calmer experience out here, you will have to go further south towards balnearios. 

La Frontera, Pinamar

If you are a beach fanatic who loves to indulge in warm and soft waves, the golden sands of Pinamar are waiting to welcome you. Pinamar, which is the local language for pine trees rooted on the sea is outlined by forest and fishing pier. Thus, it’s one of the best of Argentina beaches if you are traveling with your family, especially children and teens.

The vigorous summer breeze makes the perfect ambiance for kite surfers. If you can manage a 4×4, you may also drive further northwards of the La Frontera beach to have a peaceful and quieter environment. Last but not the least, the purity of the pinkish-purple sky at dusk will remain in your hearts forever. 


Located towards the South of Mar del Plata, Miramar is yet another best of Argentina beaches. It’s a great option if you are wanting a casual and relaxing time with your friends and family. This place is really beautiful and it’s affordable too. The beaches generally remain quite calm which makes them suitable for family vacations with children. The collection of trails offer the right ambiance for cycling and you will enjoy your ride along the beach. 

Tigre and its delta

If you think that the beaches are all resourced from the Atlantic waters, you are absolutely wrong. Tigre with its water that resembles cola is something exotic and rare. You will have to take a train from the capital and reach to the Parana Delta.

The water has a blackish hue which is caused by the peculiar sort of sediment picked by the Tigre through its course. Well, you need not worry about the cleanliness of this water! The true attraction of this beach is the lined-up tropical islands lying at an easy-to-reach distance from Buenos Aires. Remember that Tigre is busy all around the year and it’s difficult to find solitude here, particularly during weekends. 

Las Grutas

It’s not until recently that Las Grutas has gained some popularity as one of the best of Argentina beaches. This coastline lies in an unadulterated town located further south of the main Atlantic coast. This beach offers comparatively whiter sand along with warm and comfortable water than those lying northward.

Though you will have to travel a few extra miles, all your added efforts would be worth it as you experience the scenic beauty and comfortable water of the ocean. It will take around 3 hours to drive to Puerto Madryn from here and you can visit the outstanding wildlife Park where you can see different species of penguins, sea lions, and elephant seals. 

The bottom line:

Though many believe that Argentina lacks the rustic flavor of the Latin American beaches, it truly boasts of a vast expanse of 4,989 kilometers of coastline including streams and lakes. From Carilo to Las Grutas and Miramar, the choices of beaches in Argentina are never going to let you down. Moreover, this wide variety allows you to choose wisely as per your preferences and budget.

If you are after luxury and boutique staycation then Carilo is going to be your top choice. On the contrary, if you want to have a quiet and budgeted outing Mar del Plata and Piramar are going to be the choicest picks for you. The best of Argentina beaches offer an unmatched tranquillity and unforeseen natural beauty and you are sure to lose yourself in the warm waters and cozy pristine expanse of the Atlantic coastline. 

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