Best Jamaican beaches

best jamaica beaches

Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean, thanks to its scenic beauty and thriving island life. It’s the best place to sit and relax or live up in the moment while enjoying the sandy beaches and the reggae nights. But Jamaica’s shores are filled with a steady lineup of the world’s finest beaches and here are some of the top picks you can check out.

Best Jamaican Beaches

With its small population and plenty of beaches, I find Jamaica a fascinating place to be. Some of the best Jamaican beaches that fill its coastline include:


jamaica negril

Popularly known as the Seven Mile Beach, Negril is Jamaica’s most popular beach. It perfectly captures everything that you need, regardless of your preferences. The elegant and laid-back beach paradise’s location at the edge of clear waters, in Westmoreland & the Hanover Parishes, offers a plethora of sandy bays that are perfect for relaxing in.

Negril is where beachgoers can enjoy recreational water activities such as scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling or simply relax and party in the luxurious 5-star hotels that are easily accessible from the beachfront. 

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

Frenchman%27s cove1
Carlos Gustavo Suárez Cruz, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is a hidden treasure that first caught my attention with its sapphire waters and picturesque canopy shade of emerald trees. Frenchman’s Cove is a picture-perfect destination with its beaches featuring soft sands. This tropical paradise is a unique place where a river and the sea meet.

Staying here will make you lose track of time thanks to the serenity offered by the refreshing environment. Located on a private 45-acre estate, this is one of the few all-inclusive beach resorts in Jamaica that’s renowned with prestigious celebrities including Queen Elizabeth.

The relaxing escape is ideal for those looking forward to spending some downtime or experience extra adventure on the beach and river. You can also engage in water activities such as rafting, boating, and swimming among others.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctors Cave Beach

It’s famed internationally as one of the best Jamaican beaches for adventure. Well, if I were to pick a hip strip right in Montego Bay, this would be it.

The nature of the water on this beach has made it quite popular. It’s claimed that they have great restorative properties and that’s why a lot of tourists leave this place feeling refreshed. 

Overall, Doctor’s Cave Beach is a place that’s rich in history, having named after its owner. It’s perfect for adventure and features equipment that helps you to enjoy the beach scene.

Lime Cay

Even though it’s small in size, Lime Cay is a captivating low-lying island that’s found on the northeastern side of the reef. It has some of the most beautiful set of beaches in Jamaica, with its many cays making it a touristic hotspot.

The uninhabitable island is perfect for a weekends gateway, especially if you love to socialize, beach entertainment, and exotic cuisine. Its location at the cost of Kingston makes it easily accessible while its warm sandy beaches are perfect for dreamy sunbathing days.

Sandals Montego Bay Beach

It’s one of the biggest private white sand beaches in the North Coast area. Sandals Montego Bay Beach is labeled as the capital for entertainment since this is where the beach night scene is upbeat, regardless of the season. 

It’s set on a long stretch of land, offering privacy and entertainment at the same time. its soft sands make it nice for relaxation with stunning sunrise and sunset views of the ocean. Besides that, this dreamy paradise also features sparkling waters with glistening rays of sunshine. The warm clear waters offer the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy water sports while taking in some of the best sights in the world.

Cornwall Beach

montego bay jamaica
Photo by Cody Campbell on Unsplash

If you can’t put up with the traffic in Doctor’s Cave Beach, Cornwall Beach is just located right down the road. It features a secluded expansive space, making it ideal for visitors who want to relax in the sands while enjoying the delightful breeze off the ocean.

This great locale features small crowds and is renowned for “bottomless” Sunday afternoons when the hosts serve an Appleton mug option. So, if you have $5 to spare, ensure that you check it out.

Winnifred Beach

It’s a family-friendly public beach with a wide array of things to see and do. This is where you and your young ones can paste your legs with the white sands as you sunbathe or play beach spots. It’s definitely among my top picks of the best Jamaican beaches due to its versatility.

If it’s not for its bright aquatic plants that make a lush tropical canopy, it’s the serene breeze that warmly covers the body. Besides that, the nearby waterbody has a rich stock of colorful fish. As a result, visitors can spend the whole day here and sample some of the fresh food offerings while swimming or snorkeling. The reef paradise is also a great place to buy local artisan crafts for souvenirs.

Mammee Bay

It’s a place where luxury meets relaxation. The half public and half private offers the best of both worlds. Mammee Bay is located on an unparalleled coastline, making space for stunning sunsets and sunrises. It features powdery-white sand in contrast with electric blue waters that create a splendid beach scene.

Besides that, visitors get to enjoy scrumptious local delicacies served in the nearby Bamboo Blu. It’s an adventurous destination that’s popular with swimmers, windsurfers, and even foodies!

The Bottom Line

Jamaica has a lineup of the best beaches in the world. whether you are looking for an affordable destination or a private enclave where you can enjoy a secluded holiday, there’s definitely something for everyone.

The Caribbean island’s location close to the equator also guarantees visitors lasting summer vibes throughout the year. The combination of sandy beaches, tropical weather, and reggae music is simply a dream that most tourists rock with.

From Negril to Lime Cay to Mammee Bay, the above-reviewed beaches are among the most popular in this country. They are stellar in their offerings even though they come in different sizes. Of course, with hundreds of miles of vibrant coastline, you can’t miss a number of great beaches in this country.

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