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What Are The Main Attractions of Husavik Iceland

Well, there are literally thousands of things to do there amidst the quaintly grand splendor. That’s just how I describe Husavik Iceland. It is simple, yet gorgeous. With its rolling hills and mountainous views from everywhere you look. Let’s do the research together so when we go we’ll both be in the know. 

Since Husavik appears on several “Best Whale Watching Lists of The World”, I must go – I have no choice. I LOVE WHALES. The Visit Husavik website says it best – Husavik Iceland is known all around the world as the “Whale Capital of Iceland”.   If you love these giant, yet gentle mammals too, then it’s a no- brainer for you, as well.

Aside from gazing upon the majesty of whales, there’s just so much more to do there. Visiting Husavik is officially on my bucket list and will remain there until I actually get there. Believe me, this passion is not spawned from the johnny come lately attention being paid to Husavik Iceland due to their recent Oscar buzz. No, this quaintly grand splendored place has been a many splendored thing for this whale lover for years.

Let’s muse for a while to find out about four of the most popular attractions that make Husavik Iceland the gem that it is.


According to Husavik Iceland is number three on the list of the best places to go whale watching in the world. That’s right, the world! They go on to say that it is a fantastic place to find humpback whales. You can also spot blue whales, sperm whales and Sei whales on occasion. According to, Husavik has carbon-friendly whale watching. This started in 1995 and has made Husavik the whale capital of Iceland.The company that designed the silent, electric boats for whale watching is called North Sailing. This makes it easier on the watchers as well as the whales as the experience is more natural and quiet. That means that the whales get up close and friendlier with the boat and the people on it. Woo Hoo!!

The Northern Lights Of Iceland

Another website entitled Guide To Iceland gives you a factual history about the northern lights phenomenon in Iceland. This is a natural phenomenon where colored lights flit across the night sky of Iceland when specific conditions are at hand. Scientifically speaking, the northern lights are caused by solar winds interacting with the earth’s magnetosphere. Before we take a scientific trip to down the rabbit hole, we’ll end it right there.Suffice it to say the northern lights are an awesome wonder that make Husavik a must-see.

Architectural Masterpieces

The Husavikakirkja is a beautiful church that illustrates the old world styling of architecture that Husavik is known for. This particular attraction is completely free of charge and you can enter the church as long as there are no services being conducted at the time. has it listed in the top 10 things to do in Husavik. There’s also the Culture House and the Husavik Yellow Lighthouse which are also beautiful examples of Husavik architecture.

Museums For Varied Tastes

We did say that Husavik Iceland was the whale capital of Iceland and arguably the world. So,of course, there is a whale museum there which is home to a complete blue whale skeleton. That’s not the only museum that’s there because people like to see more than just whales – well, not me but other people, I guess…There is a transportation museum as well as an exploration museum which gives a full account of the historical placing of this town. In 2018, there was a population total of  just 2,307. Another piece of Husavik trivia is that the name of the town translates to “bay of houses”. When you see the landscape of the area that is just what it is you see water and beautiful, beautiful structures.

Tourism and fishing are the main stays of the economy there, so let’s give Husavik a boost by getting there soon. Speaking of a boost in tourism, Husavik recently had just that when the town was used as the setting for a Netflix movie. The movie was called ” Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”. Who would’ve thought Oscar buzz could touch this small town.  “Husavik, My Hometown” was indeed nominated for “Best Original Song” at the 2021 Oscar ceremony. The movie was released in 2020 and was extremely successful.

So you see, we better hurry up and get to Husavik Iceland. The tourist board noted that there was a significant increase in tourism after the nomination. However, we are going to go because of the beautiful whales that we’ll see. Make certain that you go at the right time and do your research ahead so you can enjoy the sights.

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