Most beautiful cities in Romania

beautiful cities in romania

What comes to your mind when you think of a visit to the most beautiful cities of Romania? Do you think of stunning buildings or jaw-dropping museums or idyllic landscapes? Well, you can get all of these and a lot more in the harmoniously developed towns Romania. 

Studded by some fascinating historical wonders in the form of Gothic churches, middle-age castles, and exotic towns, this part of southeastern Europe will surely let you lose yourself. Moreover, you can’t ignore the mammoth Carpathian mountains or the vast expanse of the Black Sea, or the dense forest of the lush greens. So, here goes the most beautiful cities in Romania that you can’t afford to miss. 

1. Bucharest

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The city you will probably land in Romania is its capital Bucharest. Despite the urbanization and extreme tech dependence over the last few years, Bucharest offers the old Communist flavors of the 1900s. Further, you will be mesmerized by the Armenian and Jewish architecture which are breathtakingly beautiful. 

It’s a must to visit the People’s Palace which has been the top obsession of Ceausescu. This building has a dark and grieving history for its construction has cost the lives of numerous people. As you stroll along the Old Town, you are bound to admire the grace of the Romanian Athenaeum and cross the street to visit the National Art Gallery to review the artifacts that stood the test of time.

When you are done with the buzz of the people, indulge in a calm repose at one of the ancient gardens of the city, the Cismigiu Park. Last but not the least, before you venture to the next city, do taste the authentic Romanian delicacies at La Mama or Caru cu Bere. 

2. Oradea

oradea romania

Located on the extreme western side of the country.The traditional vibe and the architecture around the city are so addictive that they will remain with you long after. In certain ways, you will get a feeling that you are actually in Budapest. 

As already mentioned, the traditional architecture is so impactful that it gives a glance at the long history of the cities multicultural acceptance. If you are a fitness freak or love exuberant self-catering, then Orada is going to sway you away with its mind-blowing thermal waters and boutique resorts and spa. 

As you stroll through the main square of the city, you will learn a lot about its conventions and heritage. And when you reach the Black Eagle Building, you simply can’t stop admiring the beauty of this iconic structure. Owing to its advantageous geographical location, the city houses several churches of varying range and you can see some of them along the side of the main square. 

You must climb up the City Hall for availing a great view out of the observation panel. Other things to do are to visit the Fortress of Oradea which was constructed one thousand years ago and spending one whole day at the Aquapark Nymphaea. Again here, you should taste the authentic Hungarian food mixed with Romanian indulgence that will leave you craving for more. 

3. Sighisoara

sighisoara romania

With its medieval patterns, Sighisoara is a storehouse of culture and tradition. It hosts one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the last of the inhabited citadel across the continent of Europe. Staying in this city allows you to experience the true essence of a town built in the 12th Century. 

Located at the center of Transylvania, Sighisoara will win you over with its winding avenues, brightly colored buildings along with bell towers located above the hill. If you visit Sighisoara during summer, you can witness the medieval festival that brings in more attractive elements down the streets. 

While you move along the Saxon Citadel, you must climb up the covered staircase to the church and school situated at the top of the hill. The delicious Romanian food deserves mention as always. Last but not the least, perhaps the most famous attraction of this city is the Vlad Dracula house where Vlad the Impaler was born and inspired the filming of Bram Stoker’s iconic film Dracula. 

4. Sibiu

sibiu romania

Another city in Transylvania, Sibiu also deserves special mention among the most scenic cities of Romania. It is highly favoured by travellers for its amazing Christmas market and sparkling beauty of the City Center. You will simply fall for the Bridge of Lies and the constructions with remarkable roofed windows that resemble human eyes. Another tourist attractions are Cetatii Street which is often hailed as the most glamorous street in the city. 

The Church Tower of Lutheran is a must-visit through the City Hall Tower which allows you to behold a magnificent view of the whole city along with the plains from the high altitude. Many tourists also rent cars to venturing across the border of Sibiu for experiencing the warm feel and flavor of the countryside. The small villages armed with protected churches located at the top of the hill, the outlandish colored houses, and a perfect blend of fresh summer breeze are the best things that deserve a place on your to-do list. 

When in Sibiu, you should plan your stay at any local accommodation that’s located close to the heart of the city, Piata Mare. If you can manage a staycation in a spot that overlooks Huet Square, you will want to waste no time without witnessing the spectacular view of the pretty and fantastic stairs. 

The Bottom Line:

Besides these glamorous cities of Romania, there are other towns such as Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov, Suceava, Busteni, and many others that you must spend a day or two in. With your visit in the wonderful country of Romania, you will feel as if you are back in time with some fantastic medieval clock towers and ornately adorned structures- all lying in every nook and corner across the country. 

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