Top things to do in Bogota

top things to do in bogota colombia

Are you planning a trip to the Columbian mountain capital but not sure whether the trip is worth it? With the perfect balance of arid deserts and lush green jungles, beautiful Caribbean coastline, and extensive coffee plantations, visiting Bogota is going to be a trip to remember all your life.

Bogota is one of the very artful cities that allow you to feel as if you have been there all your life. If you are unaware of the visual delicacies of Bogota, it’s a home to top-class graffiti artists, lip-smacking Columbian cuisine and most importantly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site- all set against the outlandish mountains. You cannot afford to deny all these. Let’s take a look at the adventures you can’t miss at Bogota & top things to do in Bogota.

bogota graffiti

The first thing to do in Bogota is definitely taking a graffiti tour out in the city. Some of this graffiti art is original as claimed by the city locals. Regardless of whether this is true or not, you are surely going to enjoy this innovative trip around the city. It’s important to book the tour in advance through the official website of the graffiti tour in Bogota and it’s an easy and hassle-free process.

The graffiti of Bogota, which has become a center of attraction in the city, unfortunately, has a sad back story. Back in 2011, a young graffiti artist was shot by the police. As a result, there was a huge uproar surging in the city and the people decriminalized all forms of street art. From then, numerous artists were welcome to paint the buildings and city walls. That’s the history behind the wonderful graffiti art that we get to see today.


If you have already visited South America earlier, you must know that there are a number of gold museums out there. Santa Marta and Lima are highly popular but they are nowhere close to Museo del Oro. According to many travelers, Museo del Oro is the best museum you will see in the whole country. The colossal reserve of gold is sure to stun you and you will not be able to believe what you see before your eyes.

It is going to be a fascinating experience as you see the antique artifacts constructed by indigenous tribes and you will keep on wondering how they are able to devise such intricate art. The most famous piece of art here is the Muisca raft referred to as the El Dorado raft. There is also a ceremony in which the newly appointed chief wraps up his body in gold and takes a plunge into the lake as a means of offering it to the Almighty.


The oldest museum of Columbia, the National Museum of Columbia was constructed in 1832. It has more than 20,000 artifacts and gives a great insight into Columbian history. Make sure you have several hours at hand to see everything from paintings to mummies to potteries and a lot more. You may get the impression that the structure of the building has a strange layout. This is because it once served as a prison.


Are you looking for a respite from your busy schedule in Bogota? Do check-in at the Botanical Garden. You can see more than 20,000 plants out here and you will have to walk for hours together to watch all the plants. Most of these botanics are local to the area and gives you a chance to appreciate the biodiversity of Columbia. You can see a broad array of orchids and palm trees and other exotic greens.

bogota monserrate

The most sight after hills in Bogota is Monserrate located at an altitude of 3000 meters from sea level. This implies that when you are at the top of the hill, you can have a spectacular view of the city below. There are many ways of going up the hill- you can opt for the funicular or the cable car, or even choose to walk uphill. If you wish to enjoy the sunset, go up in the evening. But if you enjoy solitude, then it’s better that you visit the hill at daybreak.


The most attractive spot in Bogota’s neighbourhood is La Candelaria and if you are willing to witness the ancient colonial roots of the city, you can’t miss it. Start off from Plaza de Bolivar which is the main square of the Old Town. You will be mesmerised by the Cathedral of Bogota and the City Hall. The best way to explore the city is to simply walk through the alleys and lanes to discover neglected churches, buildings, palaces, and historical monuments.

When you are walking through the streets, make sure to take your time for the Santuario Nuestra Señora de El Carmen. Even though you may fumble to pronounce the name at one go, you will be dumbstruck to see the red and white stripes of the exterior. This design also continues in the interior walls of the church which demarcates it from the other churches in the town.

When it comes to churches, you must visit the Iglesia de San Francisco which is located before the Gold Museum. Even though you may get the impression that there is nothing exclusive about the museum at first glance, you can see a huge gold altar that’s the primary center of attraction. Moreover, you are allowed a free entrance, so there is no harm if you drop in.


Bogota as a tourist spot is sometimes overshadowed by Medellin which has witnessed a boom in tourist visits in the last few years. It’s also a pioneer in terms of going green in all respects. But there are several remarkable attractions in Bogota which wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet. As a result, it is becoming one of the best-rated tourist spots by welcoming people from all over the globe.

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