Things to do in Vagar Faroe Islands

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The Faroe Islands are a remote destination located off the coast of Denmark and north of Scotland. This self-governing group of 18 islands is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and the rugged yet mystical terrain appears to be untouched by time. If you are a traveler who is in search of an authentic and immersive experience that is filled with natural beauty around every turn, then this should be the next destination on your list.

Vagar is one of the largest of the Faroe Islands, and it’s the only island in the archipelago that boasts an airport, making it the most convenient destination to reach. As a result, tourism is a booming industry on Vagar Faroe Islands, and there are many attractions to discover. 

Here are a few of the top things to do in Vagar:

Spend a Day Living Life Like a Local in a Vagar Village

There are six small villages on the island of Vagar — one of which is home to just 10 residents! If you want to learn more about what life is like on a daily basis on this island, you should pick a village and spend the entire day wandering through its paved streets. Gasadalur is one of the most popular villages to visit. Located on the west side of the island, this village is surrounded by the highest peaks in Vagar and boasts panoramic views of surrounding Faroese islands. 

Catch a Glimpse of Mulafossur Waterfall Cascading Off Vagar

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Vagar is filled with natural wonders that seem to defy the laws of creation, but perhaps the most well-known landmark is the Mulafossur Waterfall. You can tie in a visit to Mulafossur during your day trip to Gasaladur, as this waterfall is just a short walk away from the heart of the village. Visitors are often most comfortable watching this powerful fall from a safe distance. Even from afar, you will be in awe at the fact that this waterfall literally cascades off the island and into the sea below.

Go Fishing on the Lakes of Vagar

S%C3%B8rv%C3%A1gsvatn 4
kallerna, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are the type of traveler who likes to relax as you soak up the splendor that surrounds you, then you should definitely make time to go fishing on the Lakes of Vagar. There are four lakes on the island, the largest of which is Leitisvatn Lake. This lake is famous for appearing to be floating above the ocean. 

Uncover the History of Vagar at Tinganes

torshavn thorshavn Tinganes

Tinganes is an important historical landmark in Vagar Faroe Islands, and travelers of all ages and backgrounds should make it a point to head to this spot in order to learn more about the culture of this community. This is the point where the parliament first met during the Viking ages, making it one of the oldest parliamentary meeting spots on the planet.

Take a Guided Tour of Drangarnir

Drangarnir and Tindholmur%2C Faroe Islands
Erik Christensen, Porkeri., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Drangarnir are two sea stacks that have captivated the minds of explorers for centuries. As one of the most distinct formations in the Faroe Islands, it undoubtedly should be included in your itinerary. It’s worth noting, however, that the viewing location can only be reached by crossing private property, so you must embark on a guided tour in order to see the Dragarnir for yourself.

Whether you are an adventurer who wants to let your imagination run wild in this legend-filled wilderness or you are a historian who wants to uncover the past while learning more about the people of the Faroe Islands, Vagar is a destination that will fill your soul with wonder. With so many ways to customize your itinerary, you are sure to create an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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